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Moving to central Bohemia

Moving is not just Prague and the Czech Republic, we are well aware of that and that is why we offer our complete moving services in Central Bohemia as well. In addition to Prague, we also offer moving in the cities of Říčany, Beroun, Kladno, where you can visit us directly at our branches.Of course, we are not limited only to these cities and we really move the whole of Central Bohemia throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.In case of interest and agreement, we also offer moving in other regions and even abroad.Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and we will try to accommodate you as cordially as possible.

However, if you are looking for a move directly in Prague, we recommend going to our page cheap moving Prague.


Moving OK

For moving in Kladno, contact us at the following address Huťská 251, Kladno or by phone number +420 720 581 854.


For moving in Beroun, contact us at the following address Karel Čapek 1920, Beroun or by phone number +420 720 581 854.


For moving in Říčany, contact us at the following address Gorkého 9, Říčany Near Prague or by phone number +420 720 581 854.

Moving Central Bohemia

Are you looking for a solution to move as quickly as possible and without unnecessary complications? You have no experience with moving or clearing, ocontact our company A-Stěhování s.r.oWe offer you our professional moving and clearing services at reasonable prices. We will deal with your request immediately and carry out the move to your maximum satisfaction as soon as possible.

Our company A-Stěhování s.r.o. has extensive experience in moving and clearing. Leave everything in our hands. Our staff will take care of packing and unpacking your belongings.We will ensure your moving and clearing quickly and completely professionally, without worries or problems.

Ours Moving company is a strong, stable company that has been operating on the market for more than 25 years. At all times, we provide our clients with quality services based on a personal approach, many years of experience and professional knowledge.

The subject of our activity is the provision of comprehensive services in the field of moving, mainly in the vicinity of Prague, Central Bohemia, the Czech Republic and abroad. We ensure serious moving of offices, apartments, family houses, hotels and commercial buildings. Our goal is to provide clients with expert and professional moving services. We place great emphasis on correctness and decency, which is essential for us when dealing with clients.

Moving Kladno, Beroun, Říčany.

You ask cheap and professionalnal moving furniture in Kladthem, Beroun, Říčany and you are looking for a reliable company that will provide you with these moving services. We move your households not only in Kladno, Beroun, Říčany, but in the entire surrounding area.

A - Stěhování sro will provide you with the best quality moving services on our market at clear and clearly stated prices. We carry out small and large jobs in the field of moving. We provide moving apartments, moving houses, moving offices, but also company relocation or moving warehouses. We move cottages and cottages, we move hotels, we move canteens, we move stores and shops. We provide complete moving processes when moving offices, schools, kindergartens, salons or fitness centers. We use special equipment for the transport and handling of excessive loads. We move pianos and pianos, sculptures, art objects and exhibits, machinery.

It is always good to find out what is included in the price of the service you are paying for and what you do not have to count on. The range of services provided varies greatly. The logical basis is to provide a car and a driver. Everything else can be for an additional fee. Authorized workers who will move your furniture are at an additional cost in any case, if the company does not already offer them in the base with the fact that only a car with a driver will not be provided.

Packing materials are also part of the move. Boxes, crates or boxes and material used to wrap objects so they don't get damaged. You can use the old familiar banana boxes that you can get in every supermarket for a smile. However, those who do not like this option can use the offer of a moving company. Again, some companies will provide packaging material to borrow free of charge. Elsewhere, they will lend you boxes for a small fee. When you rent it, it is around ten crowns, and when you buy it, the price for one box is 50 CZK.

However, turnkey moving prices are highly variable. It depends on the size of the apartment being moved, the number of rooms, the distance and other factors. However, companies are always willing to give you a calculation upon request.