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Moving throughout the Czech Republic and abroad

We are a purely Czech moving company and we provide professional and cheap moving services in Prague, throughout the Czech Republic and Europe. We offer moving companies, residences, family houses, apartments and offices, including heavy machinery, safes, pianos and other material objects.

When moving with us, you can expect a professional approach, trained staff of movers, no unnecessary delays and, above all, cheap moving at a very favorable price.

Advantages of moving with us:

  • Professional moving services throughout the Czech Republic and abroad
  • We will lend you moving boxes free of charge before moving.
  • We will also ensure the removal of heavy items, pianos, safes, machines, antiques and other material objects.
  • We will take unnecessary furniture and other items to the landfill.
  • All items are insured with us when moving furniture up to the amount of CZK 5,000,000.
  • Our movers carefully pack everything in high-quality and safe packaging materials.
  • Turnkey moving services - we disassemble everything, pack it, transport it to a new place and reassemble it according to your wishes.
  • We also offer professional shredding of documents and papers.

Non-binding request for moving services

We will be happy to work out a furniture moving schedule and an accurate price estimate for you at your home or commercial premises. Let us create it for you non-binding inquiry free of charge and you'll see that you won't miss a beat when moving with our company.

A moving company with history

We are a strong and stable company that has been operating on the market for more than 20 years. At all times, we provide our clients with quality services based on a personal approach, many years of experience and professional knowledge. We provide comprehensive services in the field of moving, both in Prague and its surroundings, as well as throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. We provide serious moving of offices, apartments, family houses, hotels and commercial buildings. We place great emphasis on correctness and decency, which is essential for us when dealing with clients.

Superior moving services

Moving with our company is not only safe transport, but also additional services, such as moving antique furniture, clearing estates, moving heavy loads or removing unnecessary furniture. Consulting services and the rental of necessary moving boxes are a matter of course for us.

Professional and still cheap moving

How is it even possible that our moving services are really the most financially advantageous and at the same time professionally performed? Thanks to our experience and constant contact with the client, we have built our leading position in the field of moving. Careful planning and our trained movers will ensure that moving will be a simple process for you at a favorable price. Contact us and avoid property damage and wasted time and money.

How our moving services work:

Preparation for moving furniture - free technician visit

The goal of the technician's visit is to get an overview of the moved volume of office equipment, furniture, safes and other objects, so that an exact price can be determined. It is also important to find out the local conditions for moving, such as the floor or the presence of an elevator. We take all these factors into account to calculate the price balance.

During this inspection, the technician will answer all your questions, provide important advice and complete information about the progress of the moving work. Based on the inspection, we will then send you the calculation of your move, including the moving schedule, the proposed labeling system for individual pieces of furniture and other details.

Rental of cardboard boxes and dress boxes

We will be happy to lend you cardboard boxes for free, wardrobe boxes for a fee of CZK 100/pc. Of course, you can also use your own cartons or crates. As part of the inspection, the technician will make a qualified estimate of the optimal amount of cartons or wardrobe boxes that will be needed to pack the contents of the furniture and other items. This quantity will be delivered to you together with other packaging material at the date you wish.

Preparation of furniture and other equipment by our movers

Preparatory work (furniture disassembly, disassembly, packing of furniture, disconnection of various appliances from more complex home theater systems via e.g. dishwasher, washing machine, etc.) is most often carried out at the beginning of the move on the day of the move. However, if you want to reduce the total work time on the day of the move, our movers can also carry out the preparatory work in advance (e.g. the day before the move). They will thoroughly secure everything against damage, fix loose parts, expertly dismantle and wrap in shockproof bubble wrap. In the vehicle, the furniture is then further wrapped in protective blankets during loading.

Care for special items

Special care is taken to protect computers, printers, copiers and other technology. Professional re-assembly at the place of unloading is a matter of course. Of course, you can also carry out the preparatory work yourself. In this case, we will be happy to help you with practical advice.

Marking system

So that complications do not arise and you do not needlessly spend time looking for various things after moving, it is necessary to adopt a system that will make everything easy and quick to find. Each box, each piece of furniture, shipping box or paper carton is marked with a number that falls into a clear system. Thanks to this, the pieces of furniture will be placed according to the plan in the designated rooms in the exact designated place.

Places for parking moving company vehicles

We recommend booking a parking space for 1 truck in advance after consultation with the local authorities (approx. 3 passenger cars at the loading and unloading point).

Moving heavy loads

We move heavy loads such as machines, safes, pianos, copy machines, map cabinets, etc. using suitable handling equipment. A personal, free on-site inspection is advantageous.


A team of workers with a vehicle will arrive at the location on the agreed date. Things to be moved are loaded in order according to the plan so that the move is as efficient as possible. For moving services in Prague, we use vehicles with a box body equipped with clamping systems, trolleys, blankets, various foils, adhesive tape, a set of tools, etc. Furniture and other objects being moved are further wrapped in additional blankets in the vehicle.


The unloading of transported items also takes place according to the schedule. Everything is arranged according to the prepared plan or according to the instructions of the responsible person. Individual pieces of furniture and other equipment are precisely assembled so that you no longer have to handle anything. The furniture, which was disassembled at the loading site, is reassembled here and placed in its place. After the move, all packaging and other materials are collected by our workers and taken to ecological disposal. Thanks to this, you will no longer have to worry about where to dispose of waste after moving.

Final inspection

After all the moving work has been completed, the moving manager will check together with you that everything is as agreed, i.e. everything is in its place and in its original condition without damage.

How to choose the right moving services:

When moving from one place to another, someone can move all the equipment and appliances by themselves, while others ask friends or acquaintances to help with loading and unloading things. But there are also situations when such an option is not available. For example, you do not have a car, or you are not able to transport large furniture in it due to its size. That's when people often turn to professionals for help. There are many moving companies on the Czech market. However, the scope and price of the services differ. What is taboo for some, others will do even without extra charge.

Delivery vs complete furniture removal

The first question to consider is whether you only need a bigger car from the moving company to transport everything, or you can't do without men to help you with the move.

In the first case, you will only get a car with a driver, whose task will be to transport you and your belongings from point A to point B. You have to load all the material that is the subject of the move into the car yourself.

The second option is that you pay extra for the company to provide you with a worker or workers who will load everything for you. However, this option is more expensive for understandable reasons. You also need to ensure a free driveway and a parking space so that the moving time is not extended by an unnecessarily long distance and you do not pay more money.

Range of moving services

It is always good to find out what is included in the price of the service you are paying for and what you do not have to count on. The range of services provided varies greatly. The logical basis is to provide a car and a driver. Everything else can be for an additional fee. Authorized workers who will move your furniture are at an additional cost in any case, if the company does not already offer them in the base with the fact that only a car with a driver will not be provided.

Packing materials are also part of the move. Boxes, crates or boxes and material used to wrap objects so they don't get damaged. You can use the old familiar banana boxes that you can get in every supermarket for a smile. However, those who do not like this option can use the offer of a moving company. Again, some companies will provide packaging material to borrow free of charge. Elsewhere, they will lend you boxes for a small fee. When you rent it, it is around ten crowns, and when you buy it, the price for one box is 50 CZK.

Moving prices

However, turnkey moving prices are highly variable. It depends on the size of the apartment being moved, the number of rooms, the distance and other factors. However, companies are always willing to give you a calculation upon request.

When moving within the same city, the companies charge a price for renting the vehicle and workers you order. The standard procedure is that you pay a certain amount per hour of car rental and also pay a certain amount per hour of the mover's work. But what about the company, those are different rules. Sometimes you pay a lower rate for worker services while you move between apartments, sometimes full price, and sometimes nothing.

If you move from one city to another, the resulting price is calculated a little differently. Companies charge for loading and unloading at an hourly rate and mileage at a kilometer rate. In other words, when crossing between cities you pay a kilometer rate, anything outside the crossing then at hourly rates. However, this is not always the case. But you can also meet companies that charge a kilometer rate even within the same city.